Treating Customers Fairly Policy and Process

Faseo Limited (“The Company”) is committed to treating customers fairly (“TCF) and this is at the centre of how we run our business.

This document summarises how TCF is embodied in our policies and procedures, and how that should be experienced by you – our clients and customers.

We take responsibility to adhere to the fair treatment of customers very seriously and places the highest value on our reputation for excellent customer service and satisfaction.

TCF is integral to our business and the Company expects all employees, agents, contractors and other associated third parties to ensure that this is reflected in all customer interaction.

The Company strives to ensure that achieving the above outcomes is a priority throughout the entirety of our business, and at every level of interaction.

The Company and its directors are committed to developing a positive culture of compliance throughout all levels and aspects of its business. TCF is central to the Company’s culture and drives our decision making to ensure that we can effectively meet the needs of our customers.

This culture is embedded in our business through:

  • placing client expectations at the core of our business strategy;
  • ensuring we only work with reputable and compliant third parties;
  • clear and fair communication with our customers, through our sale documentation and process;
  • staff training and assessment;
  • compliance monitoring;
  • policies, practices and procedures;
  • being responsive to our client needs; and
  • undertaking root cause analysis in relation to any identified issues of concerns (including those picked up by complaints or ongoing monitoring).

All the Company’s promotional and marketing literature is reviewed by our directors to ensure that it remains compliant with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements and is clear, fair and not misleading. The fair treatment of customers is integral throughout the sales process, ensuring the communication in a complete and transparent manner.

We prioritise transparency and openness within our business and put our customers’ interests first. Some of the steps the Company takes to ensure that our customers make informed borrowing decisions include:

  • clear scripts and staff training on providing explanations to customers;
  • transparent information about our lenders products and their suitability (including the provision of a comprehensive FAQ on our website); and
  • providing detailed adequate explanations and encouraging customers to properly consider them, affording them adequate time.

Vulnerable customers

Our policies and procedures are designed to ensure that we identify customers who may be vulnerable and/or exposed to financial difficulty and/or may have mental capacity limitations and that we treat them fairly. Some examples of our practices and procedures include:

  • clearly defined procedures in relation to customers who lack mental capacity;
  • specific guidance and policies in relation to what may cause vulnerability and how to treat vulnerable customers; and
  • working with and signposting customers to independent third parties to ensure that vulnerable customers are treated fairly.

It is recommended that you seek independent legal advice before entering any credit agreement.


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