No Hassle Flexible Funding

Quick and simple short-term funding, tailored for the retail and hospitality sectors.

Having access to affordable funds and ensuring strong cash flow is critical to every business. CardFunds provides easy access to simple tailored funding solutions based solely on your future card sales.

CardFunds Solution

Raise quick capital for your business with CardFunds.

Banks generally make a meal of unsecured lending. The process can be invasive and lengthy. But when investing in equipment and people, expanding, or managing seasonal fluctuations, you often need rapid cash injections.

The CardFunds approach is one of the easiest, fastest, and most flexible ways that you can raise cash with minimal documentation required. Also known as a merchant cash advance, or a business cash advance, CardFunds is a quick and easy source of cash that leverages your future card sales.

CardFunds are quick to approve as there are fewer formalities. You don’t need to produce detailed business plans or trading accounts like most lenders request for a traditional business loan. This means that even if you have been rejected for a business loan, you could still qualify for CardFunds.

Our partners evidence a 90% acceptance rate.

The total repayable amount is fixed at the outset. Your repayment terms are calculated on a pre-agreed percentage of your monthly card transactions. No interest accruing or late fees to contend with. No fixed monthly payment. There’s no rush to pay it back as the set percentage of daily card receipts automatically settles the balance.

Available funds to help businesses bridge downturns, expand, refurbish premises, or settle unexpected bills.

Competitive, flexible payment terms.

Repayments are based on a fixed percentage of your business’s debit and credit card sales.

When sales are slow you pay back less and when business is good the advance is paid off quicker. No time limit. No extra costs.

CardFunds is here to help you take your business to the next level.

Easy Qualification

Application is open to all UK-incorporated companies, sole traders, or partnerships who accept credit and debit cards and have:

  • Traded for a minimum of 6 months
  • Bank and Acquirer statements showing monthly sales settlement. (Ideally Open Banking access to speed up the process).
  • A minimum turnover of £3,500 per month through card terminals
  • No other cash advance is in place (unless you wish to replace it)

Free Service

CardFunds works for you as we survey the market to get you the best no-obligation finance solution.

No broker fees and highly competitive industry rates.
Quotes are offered within a few hours and cash is available in as little as 48 hours.

Get funded with CardFunds.