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Submitting this request will not affect your business credit rating as NO credit searches are performed at this stage.

Consider how much you require – and what the business can afford, to calculate the advance amount.

CardFunds can be as much as 150% of your average monthly card transactions, advancing between £5,000 and £200,000. For example, if you average £20,000 per month through your card machine, you could qualify for a Business Cash Advance of up to £30,000, (subject to individual lender criteria).

Apply now. We will be in touch shortly to collect some documents such as card and business bank statements, or permission to access the data via Open Banking to underwrite your application. Once we have everything we need, we can typically give you an in-principle answer within 4-6 hours.

Following approval, we’ll agree on an amount with you based on a factor rate for the repayment. There are no additional acceptance fees, exit fees, interest, or other charges that often accompany term loans.

Once approved for an advance, a credit check will be carried out to comply with responsible lending regulations. This is known as a ‘soft search’ and will not impact your credit score, nor will it be visible to other lenders.

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